About JOMY Inc.

JOMY Inc. is a privatly owned company with more then 8 years of experience in the U.S.A. and Canada.


JOMY Inc. works out of their offices located near Denver, colorado.


The ready to ship inventory is located in a warehouse in Illinois.


We are easy to reach and very flexible in searching together for solutions to your problems.


JOMY people are specialists in their field and have loads of experience in the field of fire egress. Within our group of companies we work with 5 full time engineers that will work together with you to find the best solutions.

These engineers are also continually searching for new structures and products. Innovation is our main strategy.


JOMY started their business in 1968 in a small town in Belgium. and the years that followed they made great progress in turnover by exporting and increasing the product range so JOMY could give an answer to all kind of problems with access  or egress from heights.

They are only few companies around that have such a long experience in Aluminum constructions for your safety.






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