Our approach

JOMY wants to be your preferred vendor for five safety applications:
 Emergency egress from public or private buildings;

•  Industry access at heights;

•  Building access;

•  Façade access;

  Industrial architectures for interior and exterior.

Custom constructions at an affordable price
Modular solutions are key to achieve custom constructions at an affordable price. Reusing design, engineering and production methods drastically improves efficiency and reduces the overall cost of your construction. In the past, our approach has proven cost competitive for domestic and international projects.

In the U.S.A.

In the U.S.A. we have a commercial office in Denver, CO, and a large inventory in the state of Illinois. Our inventory is made up from different SKU's that can be combined to almost all demands for retractable, counterbalanced and cage ladders. They are shipped together with handy installation instructions.

In the near future we will add more SKU's so we will have also ready to ship stair - kits in our inventory.

For other products made to your specifications, JOMY INC will work together with the enginaaring office and factory based in Belgium. And together thay will find the perfect solution!


Please contact our salesoffice in Denver for more details.


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