Main features of the JOMY Counterbalanced fire escape  - or access Ladder

JOMY is the only one on the American market with a ladder with these features.

  • Clearance under the ladder in up position is minimum 9'.
  • Minimum 3' overlap of ladder sections in the down position required.
  • Very smooth movement of the moveable part because of the use of counterweights hidden inside the ladder beams.
  • Openingsmecanism can be opened from the ground or from the top of the ladder, or at a height the customer wants.
  • Can be foreseen with a lock to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Standard distance between rungs is 11''.
  • Rung width can be specified for each individual project. Standard width is 16".Maximum rung width is 24".
  • Rung strength is tested at 650 lbs. per rung. The rated capacity of the ladder is one 250 lb. person every six feet for the entire height of the ladder.
  • Ladder can be ordered with or without a cage.
  • JOMY offers a fall restraint system to be used in conjunction with the ladder.
  • Factory polyester coating in any RAL color upon request.
  • All ladders are custom built to site specific and meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.
  • All aluminum construction is designed to last the lifetime of the building without any maintenance.


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