JOMY Glider Ladder, a simplified DROP - DOWN ladder

The JOMY Glider is a high quality aluminum DROP DOWN LADDER made for the American fire escapes.

JOMY glider ladders are Drop down fire escape ladders that can be mounted on external staircases or fire escapes to connect the bottom balcony to the ground floor. It provides a safe, aesthetic, and cost effective solution to evacuate from the last balcony of the stairs to the ground.

JOMY Gliders are built from high quality materials and can be adapted to many different building configurations.  This is an ideal product for fire escapes, balconies, and other applications where a simple and reliable exit ladder is required.

For the moment the most drop evacuation ladders are made out of steel like the most fire escapes, and of course they rust which eventually can lead to very unreliable and unsafe ladders. This JOMY DROPLADDER is the answer! They last well over more then 30 years without corrosion or decreasing reliability.


We deliver the drop down ladder in a transport wooden box with all the needed material in it together with easy to use installation instructions. There is one standard size and you can easly cut- off some inches so it fits perfectly at your application.

So order now or ask for more explanations at or (Tel.) 877-303-5888 .

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