How the Jomy DROP - down Ladder Works

This is the simplified drop - down ladder made for the American fire escapes.


Safety Descending Device

When not in use, the JOMY drop ladder or dropdownladder rests safely above street level in the up position.  This keeps the balcony escape area safe from potential intruders and keeps the area below the balcony (sidewalk or street) clear from obstructions.

The JOMY Glider is held in the up position with a latch system.  The latch is manually released to deploy the ladder, and the JOMY dropladder gently drops down to street level for an easy and safe evacuation. The latch requires less than five pounds of force to deploy the entire drop down ladder.

The dropdown ladder includes a highly developed counterweight system. It guarantees that the sliding part of the ladder will come down in a very smooth way.


Burglar Resistant Solution

The opening latch is only accessible from the top to reduce the risk of burglary.

Clearance Height Adjustable

The JOMY glider drop-down ladder can be adapted to different clearance heights. The sliding section is sawed on site to fit to many configurations. Guidelines are provided for this operation. The recommended clearance height range in a standard configuration is up to 11' - 9 7/10".



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