FIRE ESCAPE: JOMY Counterbalanced Stairs

The lower flight of the Fire Escape Staircase can be Counterbalanced for optimal use of space, aesthetic reasons and prevention of improper use.

To prevent improper use or to limit the use of space at ground level or for aesthetic reasons, the lower flight of the staircase can be counterbalanced and folded away so that it's hidden.

Counterbalanced stairs can be engineered completely mechanical or with an electro - magnetic counterbalanced brake system. 


This is great as a final part of a fire escape. With traditional fire escapes at the street side you see a lot of these counterbalanced constructions but made in steel so very heavy and a lot of times in so poor condition that it is a live risk to use them.

Technical specifications

To be safe and in order with codes you can replace these bottom parts of the fire escapes with our aluminum construction. They are light weight but very strong and according with all modern codes. No corrosion will attact these constructions.

They are available in any color so they could blend in with the actual façade or installation.

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