Main features of the Fire Escape Counterbalanced Stairs

JOMY counterbalanced stairs have superior features.

Primary Features of Fire Escape Counterbalanced Stairs:

The lower level of a staircase can be counterbalanced to prevent improper or unauthorized use, limit use of space at ground level or for aesthetic reasons. This means that the stair can be folded away and will not interfere with daily activities. The staircase is produced from anodized aluminum profiles and can be painted in any desired RAL color. The counterbalanced stair is based on a pivoting system.


3 types of counterbalanced stairs are offered: a system based on prolonged stringers, a cable and pulley system and a system with electric brakes:

Our Aluminum Counterbalanced Stairs

  • Prolonged Stringers System
    • The lower flight has two prolonged stringer sides which project over the rotation point. The counterweight is inside these stringers. Counterweights put flight in equilibrium at rotation point.
  • Cable and Pulley system
    • The counterbalance is applied to the tip of the stair flight with a system of one or more stainless steel cables and pulleys. Cables connect to counterweights that move inside a vertically positioned hollow profile.
  • System with electric brakes
    • This is an automated system where counterbalanced forces are regulated by an electric brake system.

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