Recommended Options

JOMY Cage Ladder Options

Jomy offers a wide variety of options to suit almost every project requirement.

  •  Ladders with complete hoops, 3/4 hoops or 1/2 hoops
  •  Flared cages according to OSHA specs
  •  Ladders with rest landings according to standards
  •  Landings with changing ladder parts or folding landings
  •  Access ladder extensions, telescopic handrails, horizontal access balconies, upper balconies with rungs or steps to cross roof edges, custom made access landings, etc.
  •  Burglar resistant ladders with lower counterbalanced sliding part and access door with padlock or crash bar
  •  Many options to attach the ladder, parallel or perpendicular to the wall
  •  Cage ladders in multi-flight composition

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