Technical Info for Cage Ladders


  •  Extruded profiles in marine quality anodized aluminum.
  •  All nuts and bolts in stainless steel with nylon buschings where needed.
  •  Factory polyester powder coating in any RAL color is available.
  •  JOMY cage ladders comply with prevailing ISO, EN and OSHA standards.
  •  Uprights are oblongs profiles of 75mm x 25mm x 2mm.
  •  Standard elements assemble to any desired length with joint interlocking uprights.
  •  Rungs are inserted and snapped into the uprights.
  •  Rungs are ribbed on the upper side.
  •  Useful rung width is 400mm.
  •  Rungs are placed every 280mm.
  •  Other dimensions are available on request.
  •  The cage can be composed of full hoops, 3/4 hoops or 1/2 hoops.
  •  The clearance in the cage is 750mm.
  •  The cage is made of hoops and aluminum bars that provide a sturdy straight lined caged that has a   long life - span without deformations.
  •  The cage can be foreseen with a flared entrance according to OSHA specs.

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