JOMY Retractable fire escape Ladders

JOMY retractable ladders are a good alternative solution for evacuation and access.

JOMY Retractable Ladders

This is an aluminum fire escape ladder mostly used as secondary means of egress.


The Original JOMY Retractable Fire Escape Ladder


The original JOMY Retractable Ladder is the finest fire escape ladder available anywhere.

When not in use, it looks like a drainpipe so it does not interfere with the aesthetics of the building.

Because of the use of aluminum, the construction is light but at the same time very strong and trustworthy.

An extra safety rail is also provided.

In case of an emergency exit it is very important that the fire escape ladder is easy and stable to use.

The Jomy Retractable Ladder

The stifness and ease of use of the JOMY ladder is unmatched in the world. That is why JOMY has over 15.000 retractable fire escape ladders installed all over the world as a reliable secondary means of egress.

JOMY retractable ladders, installed as fire escape ladder, cannot be opened without the use of a handle, preventing unauthorized access. No other product offers the safety and security of the JOMY retractable ladder.

JOMY also offers simplified retractable ladders for specific purposes.

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Mini JOMY Retractable Ladder


This is a lighter version of the JOMY retractable ladder, to be used as an access ladder only.


The Mini-JOMY is the ideal access solution for residential and light commercial applications up to 7.62m. With a simple release of the latch, the Mini JOMY folds out into a wide ladder with slip-resistant rungs.

The Mini- JOMY Retractable Ladder

The ladder is burglar resistant. It can only be opened by releasing the latch. The ladder remains closed when not in use. Rain, snow, and ice cannot accumulate on the rungs.


It can be used as a secondary means of egress ladder or escape - ladder but maximum two stories high and the best choise stays the Original JOMY.

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