JOMY Retractable Fire Escape Ladder

JOMY's aesthetic solutions for a secondary means of egress.

These fire escape ladders offer an non - obtrusive, reliable, and burglar resistant solution for evacuation and access. They are ideally suited for architecturally valuable buildings.

  • Unobtrusive, looks like a drainpipe when not in use
  • Deploys instantly and smoothly from any number of evacuation levels
  • Burglar resistant
  • Dependable and reliable with over 15,000 installations
  • Optional fixed lifeline can be added for secure access and working at heights
  • An affordable price with a low cost of ownership, virtually maintenance-free

Technical specifications

What are the applications of the the JOMY Retractable Ladder?

  • Fire escape ladder
  • Fire fighter access ladder
  • Maintenance or technical access industrial ladder
  • Building access to heights ladder

This JOMY emergency exit retractable ladder will be shipped in a wooden crate alongside the installation instructions, which clearly show how easy it is to install it. No special installation equipment in needed and installation can be done by only two people.

The ladder integrates seamlessly into modern and classic architecture. It is considered to be the architect's choice for unobtrusive and effective fire evacuation.

The ladder is a very discreet metal column of 10cm x 10cm. It is manufactured in anodized aluminum with natural mat finishing. The exterior parts of the ladder can be painted in any RAL color.


This is an ideal secondary means of egress.

A lot of time it is installed on the façades of old renovated buidlings, or as replacement of absolete traditional fire-escapes for low rise and half rise buildings.

When buildings are getting a new use like for example an old house transformed in a B&B then providing for a secondary means of egress is sometimes impossible it seams; at those times the JOMY Retractable fire escape ladder can be the solution.

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