JOMY Retractable Fire Escape Ladder Technical Information

All JOMY special ladders are made from extruded anodized aluminum. The retractable ladders have rungs pivoting on stainless steel pins and nylon bushings. Rungs have a ribbed, slip-resistant top surface and are counter-weighted with stainless steel springs for easy closing. They lock on closing to prevent unauthorized access.

All aluminum components have a clear anodized finish on all exposed surfaces, unless ordered in a custom color. All individual ladder sections are wrapped separately in plastic film and shipped in cartons to the site designated by the contractor.

The Jomy Retractable Ladder


  • Level of the highest evacuation point
  • Overshoot height: approx 2.25m
  • Total ladder height: highest evacuation point + overshoot height
  • Horizontal distance between evacuation balcony and ladder: approx 60cm

Depending on the desired position of the guardrail, a left or right JOMY must be specified. This is not applicable for the MINI - JOMY.


The JOMY ladder is composed of standard elements, combined to the desired height, ranging from 2.85m to 31.95m for open heights; only up to around 10m for the MINI-JOMY. The individual elements are ready to install and well adapted to transportation.


The escape ladder can be installed perpendicular to the wall, at a distance of 3cm to 100cm from the wall, or parallel to the wall. Installation perpendicular to the wall is preferred for easier access.

Dedicated attachment pieces are available to install the escape ladder at a distance from the wall for wall surfaces in relief. The back post of the JOMY egress ladder is installed in special anchor brackets which allow free thermal expansion of the ladder.

The anchor brackets are vertically aligned and attached to the wall using M12 expansion plugs or chemical anchors. These attachments can resist a horizontal force of at least 400Kg. The anchor brackets should be no more than 1.5m apart.

If it isn't possible to install the anchor brackets every 1.5m, the ladder can be mounted in a U-shaped reinforcement profile, attached to the wall at least every 3m.

The reinforcement profile is also used when the retractable ladder overshoots the roof for access from the roof.


The JOMY retractable egress ladder can be installed by a team of two workers, following standard installation procedures. All components are lighter than 23Kg. The ladder rests on the floor and is attached every 1.5m by one expanding raw plug or a chemical anchor.

The installation of the fire escape ladder can be verified and documented in an installation verification report, submitted to the client within one month after installation.

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