Mini JOMY Retractable Access Ladder

A light aluminum retractable ladder for building maintenance access applications

Aesthetic and Unobtrusive

The Mini-JOMY access ladder integrates seamlessly into both modern and classic architectures. It is generally considered the "architect's choice" for unobtrusive and effective access. The Mini-JOMY access ladder is comparable to the JOMY ladder. It looks like a metal column of approximately 9cm by 9cm. It is manufactured in anodized aluminum with a natural mat finishing. If a color for the ladder is desired, the exterior parts can be painted in any RAL color.

Technical specifications

Easy to use and burglar resistant

The Mini-JOMY offers the option of either one and two opening latches. The latches can be protected by a padlock, restricting the use of the ladder to authorized personnel only. The ladder is internally counterbalanced using springs resulting in a smooth and soft deployment, and an easy closing after use.

Fall arrest system with fixed lifeline (option)

The use of the lifeline eliminates the need for a safety cage. The fall safety consists of a fixed aluminum rail and a stepless carriage which is connected to the user's safety belt. In case of a fall, the carriage blocks on the rail.

Please note that a safety cage is not preventing a fall only a fall arrest system will protect you against a fall!

Versatile and easy to install

The Mini-JOMY access ladder is composed of modular elements, which are combined to achieve the desired height (in steps of +/- 1m). The modular elements are patented, ready for installation, and designed with transportation in mind. The ladder can be installed perpendicular (at a distance of 3cm to 100cm from the wall) or parallel to the wall.

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