Multiple types of JOMY guardrails are available.

Multiple types of guardrails are available, beginning with the standard "BP" and "FU" guardrails. Guardrails have a height of at least 1mon the landings and 90cm on the flights, measured at the step nose.

A BP guardrail is composed of three round profiles, set parallel to the handrail and running through the pickets. The vertical pickets are positioned every 74cm maximum.

A FU guardrail is composed of vertical square profiles with rounded edges, places at a distance of 110mm and fixed in the handrail and in a lower tube. The whole structure is carried by main vertical pickets which are positioned at a maximum of every 74cm maximum.

We also offer custom guardrails. Some examples include guardrails with rectangular profiles, with Plexiglass or a full aluminum plate that includes stainless steel cables, placed on concrete, according to specific standards or in your own custom design. Handrails can also be placed against the wall.

We provide children's handrails at intermediate heights, on request.


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